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August 20, 2000

Caitlin Nieves, an 7-year-old Phoenix girl drowned in an apartment complex pool Saturday afternoon.

She is the 11th child to drown in Phoenix this year.

Rescuers responded to the call about 5:20 p.m. when other swimmers noticed the girl floating. She was airlifted to Phoenix Children's Hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

''Last year we saw a lot of drownings while children were at a caregiver's home, but this year pool parties and gatherings have been the most dangerous,'' Phoenix Deputy Fire Chief Bob Kahn said.

Firefighters estimated that more than a dozen people were at the San Marina Apartments pool, in the 7000 block of West Indian School Road, when the girl drowned.

On Friday, another girl drowned in a community pool filled with children.

Jessica Olson, 4, was swimming in an Olympic-sized lagoon pool at the Val Vista Lakes Clubhouse in Gilbert when her aunt lost sight of her. It took Jessica's aunt 10 to 15 minutes to locate her in the middle of the pool, in 3 feet of water.

Reproduced with permission from:
The Arizona Republic
Byline: By Beth DeFalco
©Copyright 2000 Arizona Republic

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