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2-year-old girl nearly drowns

Jul. 8, 2007

A two-year-old Peoria girl was transported to St. Joseph's Hospital in stable condition after she nearly drowns in her parent's pool. Peoria police say everything was in order. "We had a working fence, nice clean pool and plenty of supervision," said Capt. Bob Burkland. Burkland says this incident serves as another reminder that something could happen in just a quick moment.

The girl's grandfather Jeff Mykel says his granddaughter was swimming in the pool with her floaties. "She came out of the pool and said, 'I'm all done, and took the flotation device off," said Mykel. He says the family then went inside the house to work on a swing set for the kids. That's when he says his granddaughter walked back outside and went into the pool. Her nine-year-old brother Dylan found her floating. "He picked her up out of the pull and said, she's sleeping,'" explained Mykel. "Everything got chaotic after that."

Mykel says he pulled her inside the house and his wife performed CPR. He says his granddaughter began throwing up and started breathing again before paramedics arrived. Authorities say CPR made all the difference in saving the girl's life. "I can't stress enough how important it is to learn CPR," said Capt. Bob Burkland.

Mykel says he is extremely grateful his wife knew CPR and says the family will also be buying combination locks to secure the gate around the pool. But he says the most important thing is for parents to always keep an eye on their children.
Reproduced with permission from:
The Arizona Republic
By Melissa Gonzalo
Copyright 2007 Arizona Republic

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