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6-year-old drowns in Scottsdale resort pool

May 27, 2009

Three drownings over Memorial Day weekend, including a Valley boy who drowned in a resort pool.

"I saw Jack in shallow end with some of the other siblings, he was fine. Then a minute later we heard the cry, 'does anyone know cpr?'" Kristi Mineer's Girl Scout troop was enjoying an outing at the Xona Resort in Scottsdale when tragedy struck. "He saw the kids in the pool and couldn't resist, and we were all unfortunately preoccupied."

6-year-old Jack Hazelett didn't know how to swim, his mom told him to stay away from the pool. "This mom is hyper vigilant, but even in that instance it just happened so quickly."

"Never expect somebody else to watch your kids." Phoenix Fire Captain, Dorian Jackson says the resort did not have a lifeguard on duty, so it's important for parents to always know where your child is around a pool. "Use the same safety precautions you use at home when you're out on vacation."

And take away a message from one family's tragedy. Mineer says, "you cant be careful enough."

The families are asking the community to help this family in need.

Jack Hazelett Memorial Account
Compass Bank
12434 N. Tatum Blvd.
Contact: Maria Maxwell 602-285-3610

Reproduced with permission from:
The Arizona Republic
Jennifer Vogel
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