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Performing CPR on an infant

Mar. 17, 2005

Many people believe that a drowning is a result of water in the lungs. This is a misconception. Drowning occurs when the water in the air passage blocks air flow to the lungs. Therefore, suffocation kills the drowning victim.

When the victim is pulled from the pool, or other body of water, the water in the stomach, air passage or in the mouth will be expelled by the movement. If the rescuer believes that water still remaining in the victim would make performing CPR difficult, the victim should be turned on his side to allow for any water to drain out.

Once a pulse has been restored and the victim is breathing after CPR has been performed, the victim should be put on his side again in case of vomiting.

There are different methods of CPR, depending on the age of the victim. They are described as follows:

Reproduced with permission from:
The Arizona Republic
Copyright 2005 Arizona Republic

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