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Summer is prime season for safety

July 9, 2008

Ahwatukee has reported to the Phoenix Fire Department two drownings in as many months, underscoring the dangers that lurk around water.

The most recent incident occurred recently when 43-year-old Jason Briscoe drowned while swimming alone. The other incident occurred in May when a toddler drowned in a swimming pool at an apartment complex.

Even though an incident can occur at any time to anyone, summer is the season to stress water safety tips in the hopes that even one drowning can be prevented.

Water safety

Water-safety practices are as simple as A-B-C, literally.

Parents are urged to turn the ABCs of water safety into a song in order to connect with kids.

Myth busters

It is natural to assume that drowning occurs in swimming pools only, that drowning prevention is for kids only and that adults are OK to swim alone.

In reality, drowning can occur in bathtubs, toilets, buckets or wherever water collects at any time. Adults have as much to learn about drowning prevention as children. And no one, including experienced swimmers, should swim alone.

Having another person around to perform CPR or to call for help in the event that the swimmer suffers a heart attack, muscle cramps, exhaustion or other medical emergency can save a life.


The Water Watchers program at Phoenix Children's Hospital provides literature on water safety for children and adults. Find it at

Phoenix lists pool-safety tips at Find information about CPR classes and swimming lessons at

The United Phoenix Firefighters Association gives a free pool fence to a qualifying family. Learn about that program at

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