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Boy uses furniture to get over pool fence

March 8, 2009

A Valley tot was lucky to avoid injuries Sunday night after he used plastic furniture to climb over a pool fence and fell into the water, a Phoenix fire spokesman said.

At about 5 p.m., the three-year-old and his family were visiting at a home in the 24000 block of North 44th Lane when the boy dragged plastic patio furniture to a fence.

Firefighters believe the toddler used the furniture to hoist himself over the fence.

When the boy fell into the water, his six-year-old sister alerted his parents, said Capt. Hugh Chase, a Phoenix fire spokesman.

When the toddler's father pulled him out of the water, he was coughing and spitting, Chase said.

As a precaution, the boy was transported to John C. Lincoln Deer Valley Hospital.

This situation should serve as a reminder to parents, Chase said.

"Keep large pool tools and stackable furniture ( . . . ) away from pool fencing," Chase said. "Don't have a cute little pool bench parked right next to a pool fence because (the child could) just scale over that stuff to get over the pool."

And of course, it's important to keep an eye on children near the pool.

"This is just another reminder: Kids are curious and inventive and they'll get in there if they can," Chase said. "You can never let your guard down."

Reproduced with permission from:
The Arizona Republic
Lisa Halverstadt
Copyright 2009 Arizona Republic

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