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Child drowns after crawling through dog door

Apr. 21, 2005

3-year-old Arrianna Eversole Williams was a curious child growing up in a home with both parents, and three siblings. The pool in her backyard was clean, and properly gated. Neighbors descibe her mother and father as attentive and disciplined. But somehow, the toddler slipped outside unnoticed and fell into the pool Wednesday afternoon. The little girl became the first drowning victim this year, in Phoenix.

Police say she made her way into the backyard through a dog door. Her family believes a gardener accidentally left one of the two pool gates unlatched, and Arrianna made her way out to the water. Paramedics estimate she was in the pool for four to five minutes before her 10-year-old brother found her. Despite their best efforts, emergency crews weren't able to revive the little girl. She died at the hospital a short time later.

Her parents are urging other families to double check every latch and lock on the gates surrounding their pools. Police and firefighters also recommend using multiple barriers around a pool, for added protection.
Reproduced with permission from:
The Arizona Republic
Copyright 2003 Arizona Republic

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