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A Grandparent's nightmare

Grandparents from two families experience drownings

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Two different sets of grandparents experienced the terror of a drown grandchild this past week.

One survived, one did not.

In one incident, the grandparents had known for a while that their 11-month-old was going to spend the weekend.

They had time to purchase and construct a pool barrier, from a fabric tennis court fencing material, creating a play area leading from the main patio doors, reported Collin Williams of the Rural Metro Fire Department. "Unfortunately", he continued, "there were several other unprotected doors leading to the pool."

The child had been missing for about 5 minutes when they saw him floating face down in the pool.

Relying on CPR he had seen at a Boy Scout's meeting, the grandfather worked to save his grandson.

After 3 very long minutes, the child began to breath on his own.

In the second incident, Timm Simmons of the Phoenix Fire Department reported that a 3-year-old boy was in the pool with his grandparents and a few other children. When the grandparent turned to attend to another child, the young boy must have slipped off the step.

By the time he was noticed a few moments later, he had drown.

"So far this year we have responded to 33 water incidents in Phoenix alone," Simmons said. That compares to 94 in 1995 and 84 in 1996.

Reported by: Timm Simmons of the Phoenix Fire Department
and: Collin Williams of the Rural Metro Fire Department
Written by: Ed Swift

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