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24 Drowning Incidents in Phoenix, Between
Jan. 1 & March 31 1999


Over 24 drownings or near-drowning have occurred in Maricopa County since January 1, the Children's Safety Zone learned during it's quarterly survey of Water Related Incidents.

Mesa's Public Information Officer Gil Damiani provided an overview of Mesa's tragic incidents.

There have been three drowning or near-drowning incidents so far this year in Mesa Arizona, all involving boys under the age of 3.

The first child was a two-year-old boy that was found in a fenced-in-pool, with an unlocked gate latch. That child died.

The second 2-year-old baby boy slipped beneath his bath water, was revived and will suffer no long term physical effects.

The third child was a 3-year-old-boy that was found in another fenced-in-pool, it's gate had been propped open. This child appears to have serious brain damage.

Phoenix has had 11 water related incident so far this year, reported Tim Simmons of the Phoenix Fire Department. Of those, the only fatality was one adult.

Peoria has had 4 water related incident, all children, but no fatalities. See Related Story on Peoria

During April water safety events will be held across the valley. Those events will teach water / pool safety and many will provide free swimming lessons.

Please attend one in your area.

1999 Water Safety Events Schedule

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