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The Phoenix Fire Department responds
to 48th & 49th drowning call

The Phoenix Fire Department responded to their 48th & 49th serious water incident for 1997 this past Sunday.

In a freak accident, an 11-year-old boy slipped into his back yard pond while reaching down to pet a turtle. He became trapped by a grading under the water and drown, reported Kristina Kelly of The Phoenix Fire Department. "This was a real tragedy created by unforseable events," said Kelly.

The second water related incident occurred in the 1000 Block of North 59th Lane and involved a 4-year-old boy that was playing in his pool wearing "arm floaties". We understand that several adults were also in the pool area and turned away momentarily. By the time Phx Fire arrived the child was fine.

Kelly wanted to remind all parents that "arm floaties" are not floatation devices and will not save a child from drowning. This family was very lucky.

Reported by: Kristina Kelly,
Phoenix Fire Dept. Public Information Officer
Written by: Ed Swift

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