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2-year-old Boy Fights for Life
after fallin into swimming pool

10-year-old found floating face down at Bartlett Lake
May 20, 1997

A 2-year-old Paradise Valley boy was fighting for his life Thursday night, May 15, after falling into a swimming pool and remaining underwater for three or four minutes, authorities said.

If, he lives, they said, it will be because his mother and aunt knew CPR.

Klass Bol was listed in critical condition at Phoenix Children's Hospital, where he was flown after his parents called 911 from their home in the 6900 block of East Orange Blossom Drive, according to Mike Todd of Rural/Metro Fire Department.

The boy's parents were eating dinner in the back yard at a table near the pool when they noticed that the boy was missing, Todd said. He was not breathing and had no heartbeat when his mother and aunt pulled him from the water and immediately began cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

Todd said the boy's aunt is a flight attendant trained in emergency measures.

The boy did have a heartbeat and was breathing with assistance when the helicopter arrived, Todd said.

On Tuesday, May 20, Colin Williams from Rural/Metro informed The Children's Safety Zone that the boys condition had been upgraded to stable.

On Sunday, May 18, an 10-year-old boy was found floating face-down by his father in Bartlett Lake. The boy was believed to have only been face-down in the water for 30 seconds to a minute. His father quickly performed 5 or 6 rescue breaths and helped him start breathing again.

When the medics first arrive, the boy was not very responsive, but by the time the helicopter arrived be was starting to become more alert.

"The quick reaction of the father probably saved his live", Colin Williams said.

Reported by: Mike Todd & Colin Williams,
Rural Metro Fire Dept. Public Information Officers
Written by: Ed Swift

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