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Tucson Brothers Drown in Backyard Pool

August 10, 1998

In life, brothers Joel and Gabriel Granillo were inseparable.

The boys, ages 3 1/2 and 17 months, will be inseparable in death, too. They will be buried together in matching white tuxedos and shoes that their mother bought Sunday, one day after the boys drowned in a swimming pool.

Theresa Jones. said her oldest son apparently awoke from a nap Saturday while she was in the shower, helped Gabriel out of his playpen and opened a locked sliding door. The brothers went into the backyard pool, which was not fenced.

"They were always close. The baby always followed him," Jones said.

The mother said she was away from the boys for about 10 minutes. When Jones and her fiance, Carlos Lopez, went to check on Joel, they discovered him missing.

They ran to the back yard and found Joel floating facedown. Jones dived in and grabbed the boy while Lopez called 911.

Jones ran to get the bay ready to go to the hospital and discovered his empty playpen. Lopez looked out the window again and spotted Gabriel in the deep end of the pool.

Gabriel was briefly on life support at the hospital. When doctors realized they could not help him, they let Jones hold him.

Reproduced with permission from:
The Arizona Republic
©Copyright 1999 Arizona Republic

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