Drowning Impact Awareness Month Fact Sheet

  • purple-ribbonDrowning Impact Awareness Month (DIAM) began in August 2004.
  • June, July, and August are peak times for child drownings in Arizona.  Back-to-school distractions in August make it a high risk month for child drowning.
  • Drowning is a top cause of injury-related death for children in Arizona, especially the one to five year old age group.
  • Every child drowning is preventable – but sometimes, little can be done for a child once he or she has fallen into the water.  Prevention is the cure, and awareness is free.
  • To prevent child drownings, follow the ABC’s of Water Safety
    • Adult supervision when children have access to water
    • Barriers between children and water
    • Classes in CPR for adults, swimming lessons for children at the appropriate age
  • DIAM is the largest collaborative water safety effort in the State of Arizona.  More than 100,000 purple ribbons were distributed in the DIAM 2009 campaign alone.
  • DIAM proclamations have been signed by Governor Brewer and Mayors across the state of Arizona.
  • Organizations can be listed as “pickup points” for DIAM on Phoenix Children’s Hospital’s website.
  • DIAM events can be listed on the Phoenix Children’s Hospital and Drowning Prevention Coalition of Arizona website.
  • DIAM proclamations will be available for display.