Apr 252013

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) –

As summer inches closer,health officials are starting to warn about the drowning dangers that couldcome with combining kids and pools.

Happening today is a watersafety event for first graders in Pima County, at the Mulcahy YMCA.  The building is quiet early this morning, butlater on throughout the day it will be filled with almost 800 first graderslearning how to be safe around the water.

It’s a program to try toprevent drowning with some of our youngest; specifically reaching out to nineschools from under-served areas, who may not have access to any other kind ofwater education.  It is put on by theTucson Medical Center and “リSafe Kids Pima County.’ 

The children will goinside the center and cycle through eight stations with different lessons, likemessages about water rescue, open water, staying smart in the sun and doing theright thing around pools. 

So far this year inArizona, there have been six deaths in water-related incidents.  The county is hoping to keep that number aslow as possible, starting with the program this morning.

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