Sep 062010

We’ve learned that a young boy who was found floating in a Glendale swimming pool did not survive.

Police say there were adults and other children around, but a babysitter and her boyfriend lost track of the child and when they found him, it was too late.

The 3-year-old boy was pronounced dead at a valley hospital Saturday night. Police say he was underwater for 30 seconds to two minutes before someone found him.

“Never at any point did any of us notice that that little boy went in.” Veronica Navarro called 9-1-1. “Emergency was telling me pick up his head and just try to give him CPR..try and pound on his chest.”

Sadly, the toddler didn’t make it.

There have been three incidents in Glendale in the past two weeks.

On May 2, an infant died after falling into a pool on West Claremont. On Wednesday, 15-year-old Jesse Prado was pulled out of a swimming pool by another student during physical education class. After two days in an intensive care unit, he died.

His brother was touched by a vigil in Jesse’s honor. Classmates lit one candle after another.

“His condition seemed to be improving, but then his heart just gave up.” said Luis Prado.

Three families wish they could turn back the clock, but doing their best to accept their loved ones are now gone.

“He’s in a better place now, we all loved him so much.” said Prado.

The fire department says it boils down to complacency, even with teenagers. They say to be on the lookout and watch over them.

All three incidents are still under investigation.

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