Dec 212017

Her older siblings, just a few feet away, splashed in their family’s pool in Buckeye.

Her babysitter, distracted, played with another toddler. Her dad left the grill to fix a loose screw on the trampoline. Her mom was in the checkout line at the store, four miles away.

At least 20 adults were at her mother’s birthday party on June 10, and yet no one saw 18-month-old Emelynn Davis go under. There she was, free-falling without floaties into the 3-foot-deep water.

One minute passed, and water entered her throat and blocked her airway.

Two minutes passed, and oxygen stopped flowing into her bloodstream.

Three minutes, and she lost consciousness.Four minutes — oxygen stopped reaching her brain.

Five minutes — her throat relaxed and water rushed into her lungs.

It wasn’t until one of the older kids got out of the pool that they noticed Emelynn face-down in the shallow end.

Source: Buckeye Family Heals Together After Drowning Accident | Phoenix New Times

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