Nov 042011

In the past 10 weeks, Chandler safety officials have respondedto five pediatric drowning incidents, including the death of atleast one child, according to Chandler Fire Chief Jeff Clark. Thecity averages about five drowning or near-drowning calls a year, hesaid in a news release. The recent incidents involved three pools,a bathtub and a neighborhood lake.

“We don’t expect to respond to this many water safety calls duringa typical year, but it is especially troubling to have these happenduring the winter months,” Clark said.

In response, a community-wide drowning prevention campaign is underway. Throughout March, fire department personnel will emphasizepool safety and water awareness to Chandler residents by speakingwith them in a variety of venues, such as grocery stores, parks,schools, homeowner association meetings, and during door-to-doorvisits. On March 26, community volunteers will join firefighters inwalking their neighborhoods and sharing a message of personalresponsibility for preventing child drownings.

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