Mar 242012

PHOENIX – Phoenix firefighters say a 1-year-old girl was pulled from a Phoenix swimming pool Friday night.

Jorge Enriquez of the Phoenix Fire Department said the girl was found floating at the top of the pool near 37th avenue and Bell.

Enriquez said the little girl’s father was in the back yard working on an air conditioning unit when he noticed something floating at the top of the pool.

When he went to investigate, he realized it was his 1-year-old toddler.

Firefighters say he pulled her from the pool and performed CPR until firefighters arrived.

The girl’s mother and other children were also home at the time.

The child was lifeless and not breathing when she was transported to Banner Thunderbird Hospital.

Her condition is extremely critical.

Firefighters say the house did not have a pool fence.

Neighbors tell ABC15 that they believe today might have been the girl’s birthday but firefighters could not confirm that at this time.

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