Aug 202012

PHOENIX, AZ – A 10-month-old little girl is fighting for her life after investigators say she was found unconscious in a bathtub at her family’s home in the west Valley.

A spokesperson for the Phoenix Fire Department tells ABC15 the girl’s mother turned on the water in the tub to give her daughter and two-year-old son a bath.

Investigators say for reasons that remain unclear, the mother left her children unattended.

While she was away, firefighters claim her son put the stopper in causing the tub to begin filling with water.

“We can’t blame anybody, accidents happen,” said neighbor Christina Torres. “It’s sad to know. I can’t even talk, I’m still in shock over everything that’s happened.”

Investigators say the mother returned to the tub to find her daughter submerged in water.

Torres says the girl’s mom ran outside with her daughter looking for someone to help.

“She wanted somebody who knew how to do CPR,” said Torres. “She knew her child needed CPR and she didn’t know how to do it.”

Torres called 911 while another neighbor performed CPR.

Paramedics rushed the girl to the Phoenix Children’s Hospital. Her condition is unknown.

“She didn’t look good, not at all,” said Torres.

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