Feb 062011

GLENDALE, AZ – Fire officials say a 5-year-old boy went to a neighbor’s house Sunday to tell them his mother was drowning in a Glendale swimming pool and now that woman is in critical condition.

Authorities say the drowning call came from a home near 73rd and Glendale avenues around 7 p.m.

According to Deputy Chief Elio Pompa of the Glendale Fire Department, the boy and his mother were playing in the swimming pool.

Pompa said the child either pretended to drown or there was some sort of horseplay that caused the mother to panic and get in the pool, but she couldn’t swim.

When units arrived at the home, the woman in her mid-30s was reportedly found in a swimming pool unconscious.

The woman was airlifted to St. Joseph’s Hospital in Phoenix. Paramedics reportedly got a pulse from her, but consider her in critical condition. The boy is physically fine, according to officials.

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