Feb 062011

GLENDALE, AZ – A Glendale mother died Sunday after saving her son from a pool last week.

When wife and mother, Bibi Zachriah was pulled out of her pool last week after trying to rescue her son, family members said she had no chance of survival. Unfortunately they were right.

Family said her husband had an extremely difficult time accepting that his wife was not going to come around.

On Sunday, he worked up the courage to take her off of life support and say goodbye.

“He loved her so much. They were the best couple I had ever seen,” said family member Ninan Geevarughese. “They were inseparable, until today.”

Geevarughese said Zachriah died surrounded by those who loved and cared about her.

“Leaving their family at home they came and spent so much time in the hospital, day and night,” he said.

Zachriah had been on life support for a week after she was found unconscious in her pool.

Emergency responders who showed up to the 911 call at Zachriah’s Glendale home said she jumped in to her pool to try and save her son who was struggling to swim. She saved her son, but could not save herself.

Geevarughese said it was love that made Zachriah move her family from India to Arizona. She wanted to give her son a better life.

“She was very smart, sweet and loving, caring. We miss her a lot,” he said.

Dozens and dozens of members from the family’s church are now by their side for support.

“All church members are here to help and comfort the family,” Indian Orthodox Church’s Father Slomo said.

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