Sep 262011

Glendale parents handed off their child to an ambulance while en route to the hospital after the child nearly drowned Monday night, Glendale Fire Department spokesmen Daniel Valenzuela said.

Three minutes after a 911 call was placed, firefighters arrived at a home near 48th Avenue and Carol Avenue to find that no one was home.

The parents of the child, who is approximately 2 years old, had left their home to rush their child to the hospital. On the way, they saw an ambulance, flagged it down and sent the child to a nearby hospital. The child was in critical condition late Monday, Valenzuela said.

The cause of the near drowning is still under investigation.

The Glendale Fire Department encourages families to follow the instructions of the 911 dispatcher and wait until firefighters arrive at the scene of such incidents, Valenzuela added.

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