Jul 022011

At Hubbard Family Swim School, the belief has always been that getting children into the pool at an early age will help build confidence in the water and teach important safety skills. Now, two recent announcements from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and Griffith University are raising awareness on the importance of early swim instruction and encouraging parents to take action. In light of these announcements and their overall commitment to water safety, Hubbard is now offering a Baby Splash program where infants 5 months and younger can splash, play and learn in the water once a week for free while also offering new clients their first two Little Snapper lessons (ages 6 to 36 months) free.

Based on a recent case-control study report, the AAP found that swimming lessons do not increase the risk of drowning in 1- to 4-year-olds and may actually provide a reduction in drowning risk in this age group. In addition to this new stance on swim instruction and drowning, a Griffith University research project out of Queensland, Australia surveyed more than 10,000 youngsters up to 5 years of age, and early results show that swim lessons not only develop better swimming skills but also advances physical, social, intellectual and language development of young children. Anecdotal evidence also found swimmers tend to be more confident than same-age, non-swimming peers.

“We have always believed in getting infants into the water right from the start but are glad the AAP and Griffith University have now made announcements that support this both from a medical, safety and behavioral perspective,” said Kathy Hubbard, Hubbard Family Swim School Co-founder and -owner. “By offering free classes our hope is to make it easy for parents to sign up because while our focus is on the children, our instruction is truly meant to empower parents to give their family confidence around water.”

Being in the water allows babies freedom to move their muscles in a way they may not be able to on land while providing the perfect environment for parents to bond with their little ones. In addition to getting acclimated to the water and providing stimulation for positive brain development, the class also includes tips on how to enjoy tub time, simple building blocks for a lifetime of confidence in the water and how to prepare your baby for lessons.

Baby Splash is offered at all three Hubbard Family Swim School locations. To learn more about the program or to sign up an infant, visit or call 602-971-4044.

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