Sep 262011

TUCSON – This Kristi’s Kids News4 Lifesaver season we lost three children to drowning in Pima County. Before the swim season started, there was already one child drowning on record, so the 2011 count sits at four.

Tracy Koslowski, with Safe Kids Tucson says, the increase in water incidents this year could have something to do with the economy.

She says,”people can’t afford to be going on big vacations so they’re staying home and having more pool parties, to keep cool in the Arizona heat.” Captain Grant Cesarek, with Rural Metro Fire says, this is a year round danger. “Even in January, you have the possibility of a water-related incident.”

Our other News4 Lifesaver partners really stepped up, over the last five months, with amazing prizes.

Pool Guard of Tucson gave away five free pool fences.

Sunshine Swim School provided swim lessons to ten children.

The Red Cross gave away CPR lessons, to 25 adults.

Also, in our first-ever coloring contest, Sea World of San Diego awarded family 4-packs to 15 local kids and their families.

Last year, in Pima County, there was one child drowning during our News4 Lifesaver Campaign.Next year, the goal is zero.

Remember, children can drown in any body of water.
One of our victims drowned, this year, in a bathtub.

The A,B,Cs of water safety are A= Adult Supervision, B=Barriers and C=Classes.

Click the following links to visit our partners’ websites.

Safe Kids Tucson, click here

Rural Metro Fire Department, click here

Pool Guard of Tucson, click here

Sunshine Swim School, click here

American Red Cross, Southern Arizona Chapter, click here

Sea World San Diego, click here

City of Tucson-Planning and Development Services, click here

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