Sep 062010

A little boy is in critical condition after being found at the bottom of a pool at his grandmother’s house.

According to the Phoenix Fire Department a three-year-old boy was foundat the bottom of the pool at the home near 32nd Street and HighlandAvenue on Wednesday evening.

The boy was rushed to Phoenix Children’s Hospital. When crews arrivedat the hospital they saw the boy was responding to some of theirtreatment and had a weak pulse, but remain cautiously optimistic.

It is not known how long the boy was underwater.

When the grandmother found the boy she pulled him from the pool andimmediately took him to a neighbor’s home across the street who knewCPR.

“I just froze for a hundredth of a second and then grabbed him and went to work,” neighbor Phil Murphy said.

Phoenix fire said there was a pool fence in place but it was not locked properly.

This is the 21st drowning-related incident in Phoenix so far this year and the second of the day.

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