Feb 052011

Carlos Schulz
Water Safety Specialist
Maricopa Fire Department

Now that spring is upon us the Maricopa Fire Department has been busy trying to get the word out for water safety and drowning prevention.

On Tuesday March 29, the fire department participated in the 12th annual Water Safety Day at Chandler-Gilbert Community College, hosted by the Phoenix Children’s Hospital’s Water Watchers program. An estimated 1,200 first-graders from around the Valley participated in the event.

The fire department, along with several other fire departments from across the Valley educated the children about water safety and drowning prevention. A variety of activities were offered to the children from live demonstrations, singing firefighters to puppet shows and crafts.

This is an annual event offered by Phoenix Children Hospital and even though the children may be different every year, the message is always the same”ᆭlearn the A, B, C’s of water safety and practice them as a family. The ABC’s stand for:

A “モ Adult Supervision, eye to eye contact with any child in or around a water source, such as pools, ponds, bath tubs, buckets and toilets.

B “モ Barriers, any object that makes it more difficult for children to access water sources.

C “モ Classes, CPR and swimming, just to mention a few. Please practice these simply lessons, and discuss the importance of water safety with your children.

The fire department will have a booth at the upcoming Salsa Festival to educate our residents on Water Safety and hand out informational packets.

Remember, in Maricopa “Water Safety… it’s a family affair.”

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