Aug 072012

MARICOPA, AZ – A father says he thought his relatives were watching his 3-year-old daughter when he left the Maricopa neighborhood pool; meanwhile, the relatives thought he had taken the child with him.

No one noticed when the girl jumped into the pool and started to sink.

Despite being in the water for up to six minutes, the girl is perfectly fine, her father Justo Valenzuela said.

“God was with her,” said Valenzuela.

His daughter Ariza barely remembers what happened on Saturday .

“If I wouldn’t have gone to get [dinner], this wouldn’t have happened,” Valenzuela told ABC15.

Valenzuela said there must have been miscommunication among the family, something he said will never happen again.

“I could have lost one of the most precious things God has given me,” he said.

Ariza’s aunt began CPR and revived the child just as paramedics were arriving.

Valenzuela said his daughter is on an antibiotic to help combat any bacteria in her lungs, but other than that, she’s healthy.

“She’s our miracle,” Ariza’s aunt said.

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