May 022012

MARICOPA, Ariz. – Pinal County Sheriff officials have released the names of two boys who drowned in a canal New Year’s Day.

Calib Love, 6, and Anthony Love, 10 both drowned in the C-Pack canal south of Maricopa.

Investigators say Calib, who’s autistic, was walking with his two brothers when he fell into the canal.

Anthony and his brother Emmanuel Stower, also 10, both jumped into the canal in an attempt to save him.

Emmanuel was the only boy to get out of the canal and try to get help.

The tragedy has left the neighborhood in shock.

“Couldn’t believe it, I could not believe it,” said Anne Mataalii. “I can imagine how that mother must feel.”

The canal is located on private property. No Trespassing signs are posted all over the canal.

Despite those signs, neighbors tell us that kids always hang out at the canal.

“Was there a parent with them, with the children, and there wasn’t, so how are you going to control them,” asked neighbor Bruce Jaynes. “They were there of their own free will and there was no one there to control them, so that’s what you’re looking at, and this is the end result, is the drowning.”

A friend of the boys’ family released a statement that read in part:

The Love Family has suffered a great tragedy this holiday weekend. They are deeply grieving as any family would after losing two of their precious children. All of their friends and family are coming together and requesting privacy in their time of need.

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