Sep 262011

QUEEN CREEK, AZ – An 8-month-old girl who was found floating face down in a bathtub at a Queen Creek home Wednesday has died, according to officials.

Pinal County Sheriff’s spokesman Elias Johnson said Chevelle Schettler was pronounced legally dead Thursday afternoon at Cardon Children’s Medical Center in Mesa.

Chevelle was put on life support after arriving at the hospital Wednesday afternoon. Johnson explained doctors said the young girl showed no signs of brain activity overnight.

Johnson said Patreesa Schettler told deputies she was giving her daughter a bath and turned around to get a towel, and when she turned back around found the infant face down in the water.

The mother grabbed Chevelle and ran to a neighbor’s house for help with CPR.

Chevelle was taken by ground ambulance to Banner Ironwood Medical Center and from there she was airlifted to Cardon Children’s Hospital.

Johnson said Schettler’s toddler-aged son was also home in a separate room. Their father was at work at the time.

The case is still under investigation by authorities, Johnson said.

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