May 062012

GLENDALE, AZ – Authorities say a 6-month old girl has died Tuesday morning after she was left unattended in a bathtub.

The incident happened around 4:30 a.m. at an apartment complex near 59th Avenue and Bethany Home Road.

Glendale police Sgt. Brent Coombs said the baby soiled her diaper, and her parents took her to the bathtub to clean her up.

The parents reportedly left her unattended for a brief moment and returned to find the baby in the water.

Glendale fire officials said the girl was pulled from the tub and appeared blue.

Police officers first arrived on scene and performed CPR on the girl.

They were able to revive her, but her condition worsened either on the way to the hospital or upon arrival.

Coombs said the infant was fighting for her life in the hospital until she passed away a few hours later.

Officers were conducting an investigation at the scene with police tape surrounding the home.

It’s unclear if any charges will be filed.

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