Jun 222010

A 1-year-old Phoenix girl nearly drowned in a bucket of water and bleach Friday morning, authorities said.

The girl apparently fell into the mopping bucket of chlorine bleach mixed with water about 10:45 a.m., Phoenix Fire Capt. Scott Walker said. The bucket was on the patio of the mother’s apartment, near Indian School Road and 69th Drive.

The mother apparently found the girl and pulled her out. It was unknown how long she was submerged in the mixture or what the mother was doing at the time she fell in.

A neighbor went over after hearing yelling and gave the girl CPR. The neighbor’s daughter called 911. The neighbor told fire officials that the girl’s lips were blue and she was not making a sound when she got there.

Fire crews arrived in less than a minute and the girl was awake and crying, Walker said. She was taken to St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center to be treated.

Walker said hospital officials said the girl was expected to survive. However, if she happened to have ingested the bleach she could have some damage to her mouth, throat or lungs, Walker said.

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