Sep 262011

A 13-year-old girl who nearly drowned at a birthday party Friday has recovered from very critical condition, officials said.

Several children around 13 and 14 years old were playing a game in the pool to see who could hold his or her breath the longest, according to Scott Walker, a Phoenix Fire Department spokesman. One of the adults realized the 13-year-old, a guest at the party, had been underwater for an abnormally long time and dove in to pull her out.

A grandmother who owns the house and is a nurse administered CPR with the help of her daughter. This probably saved the teen’s life, Walker said.

When first pulled from the pool, the teen was blue and unconscious. When she started to regain consciousness, she was combative – a sign of hypoxia, a condition resulting from oxygen deprivation, Walker said. This did not bode well for her chances, he added.

However, the girl responded very well to treatment at the hospital, and doctors expect a full recovery, Walker said.

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