Feb 072013

Phoenix police are working to identify a man whose body was found floating in a canal Sunday afternoon.

Investigators say he was fully clothed.
Sometimes police recover bodies of those who drowned after trying to swim in the canals, but police do not think that’s what happened in this case.    

They’re trying to identify the body to get more clues on how he ended up in the canal.

People stood and watched as the Phoenix Police Department’s dive team pulled the body of a man from the canal near 43rd Avenue and Peoria Sunday afternoon.

“It’s something to hear that…I’m sad that happened, especially on Father’s Day. I hope it wasn’t a husband or something like that, or a dad,” said James Greco, who lives in the area.

Investigators say the man, found dead in the water, was fully clothed, wearing a tank top and jean shorts. He still had his shoes on.

Because of that, detectives do not believe the man was trying to swim in the canal, like some have attempted to do before.

Police believe the man went in the water somewhere between 43rd Avenue and Peoria and 31st Avenue and Dunlap.

They say he could have been in the water a day, but they have no missing persons report in the area.

Police say a man, waiting at a bus stop, first spotted the body in the canal around 1:30 p.m.

Greco lives nearby.

He’s surprised no one spotted the body sooner, if it had been in the water for so long.

“That’s kind of strange because a lot of people go fishing here. It’s a very friendly canal. There’s always people jogging and walking. I walk my dog here all the time,” said Greco.

Detectives say there were no obvious signs of trauma to the body.

Investigators say they walked the canal and found no signs of a struggle.

Police say the man in the canal had a lot of tattoos, which they hope will help identify him.

“Wow, I was out here earlier. I didn’t see nothing in there. I don’t know how that could happen and no one notice,” said Greco.

Investigators say they’re cross-referencing the man’s tattoos with those they’ve documented from people they’ve arrested as they try to identify him.

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