Nov 292010

Most of the time when we report on drownings and near drownings, it’s because a child somehow found their way into a pool.

But on Monday, paramedics were called to a home in Mesa after a child nearly drowned in the home’s bathroom – not in the bathtub though. The little girl fell into the toilet.

The Mesa Fire Department and Cardon Children’s Hospital are using this case as a chance to remind people to take a look around their home and see if there’s something you could be doing to make your child safer.

A hospital is the very last place anyone wants to have to rush to, but a frantic father found himself there with his daughter.

“It doesn’t all come back to swimming pools and canals..again it can be a bucket of water and a toilet,” said Mesa Fire Dept. Captain Forrest Smith.

The little girl is okay, but it’s a reminder to all of us, especially parents, that your house can be a danger zone in ways you never imagined.

On Monday morning in Mesa, the toilet turned out to be danger to a 1-year-old found face first in the toilet bowl.

“With the little kids their heads are huge..they’re so heavy their neck muscles are weak, so once a kid gets his head down, they can’t get back up,” said Smith.

A popular way of childproofing is to for people to get on their hands and knees and crawl through their homes, giving them a child’s eye view. You may see dangers down there you would otherwise miss.

“Watch Your Children Around Water” – it’s a lesson FOX 10’s Dave Munsey has been repeating for years. Take a look at this video as he explains how it can happen in things like buckets and toilets.

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