Aug 072012


Tempe police detectives have arrested the parents of an 11-month-old boy on charges related to the boy’s  near drowning in a Tempe hotel on Aug. 5.

Summer Dawn Angelly, 23, and Jasen Anchondo, 28, were arrested Aug. 12, according to detectives.

Tempe police officers said the infant’s 4-year-old sister had found him in the bathtub under running water at the Days Inn at  1221 E. Apache.

Police said the mother ran to the motel office screaming, and the motel manager, Gina Padilla, ran to the room with a cell phone and called 911 after seeing the child.

“He was purple and his eyes were rolled back,” Padilla told CBS 5 News. “He wasn’t responding at anything.”

According to officers, the father maintained  the child was “OK,” but the manager said the child didn’t appear to be breathing.  She called 911 and took CPR direction from the dispatcher and guided officers to the room.

The boy was taken to a local children’s hospital.  He was released Aug. 10 and appears to be making a full recovery, police said.

Both parents admitted to being aware their son was left unsupervised in the tub with the water running.

Both Angelly and Anchondo said they were asleep in bed when the boy’s sister awakened them, saying that her little brother was “asleep in the tub,” officers said.

Police called Child Protective Services, and the sister, a 2-year-old brother, and a twin 11-month-old brother are in the care of CPS.

The parents and four children moved to Tempe from California approximately eight weeks ago, and had been staying with a family member prior to moving into the motel, officer said.

Angelly and Anchondo each are charged with one count of child abuse, a Class 2 felony.

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