Apr 272011

Authorities said a 1-year-old girl was rushed to a hospital in life-threatening condition after nearly drowning during a bath Tuesday afternoon.

Tempe officers and firefighters were called to home in Tempe near Fair Lane and Vineyard Road around 3 p.m. for a reported drowning, according to Tempe Fire spokesman Mike Reichling.

Emergency crews chose to skip CPR on scene and immediately transport the unconscious girl to a local trauma unit, police said.

The toddler’s mother apparently placed the girl and her twin sister in the bathtub for an afternoon wash. Reichling said she turned on the faucet with the drain unplugged and left the room for a short time.

During her absence, the drain apparently became clogged and the tub began to fill.

When the mother returned, she found one twin standing in the completely full tub and the other submerged under water at the bottom, Reichling said.

She scooped the toddlers from the water and immediately called for help.

Authorities said the child reestablished a pulse at the hospital but remains in critical condition.

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