Jun 012016

It was the first tragic news of its kind in a long time on the Parker Strip: a 15 year-old boy died by drowning in the river at La Paz County Park over Memorial Day weekend.

The boy was visiting with his family from the Phoenix, AZ area and was stationed on a riverfront stretch of the park Sunday, where children played by the water and adults were set up nearby.

Reportedly the boy could not swim and was wearing a lifejacket while playing in the river. But the jacket slipped off as he jumped in, according to sources familiar with the situation.

The current at the location was fast and carried him away quickly. By the time the alert was raised and the boy was found, he had been underwater for several minutes, according to reports.

“We all witnessed the situation unfold and knew something terrible was happening,” said a bystander who saw what happened from the other side of the river. “A young man was taken away in an ambulance. An hour later his family was dealing with the realization that he wasn’t coming home.”

Source: 15 year-old boy drowns over Memorial Day weekend – Parker Live

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