Feb 192013

MESA, AZ – It has been a rough Labor Day weekend, as far as drowning-related accidents are concerned. Two out of four children have died in separate drowning-related incidents.

Authorities reported a drowning in Mesa and in Buckeye over the weekend. Both involved backyard pools.

In Mesa, a 3-year old was found in the water near Alma School Road and Southern Avenue.

In Buckeye, a 5-year old drowned in the backyard pool during a party. Authorities said the people there lost track of the child and it was an accident.

There were also two close calls.

In Phoenix, a 10-year old was rushed to the hospital Saturday. The child was in the pool with other children during a birthday party. It’s unclear what caused the child to sink underwater. At last check, the child was expected to survive.

In Mesa, a 2-year old almost drowned in a backyard spa. Authorities say the child was breathing at last check.

Experts encourage everyone to learn CPR. Every second counts during an emergency. They also suggest keeping toys and colorful items out of the water to avoid attracting children.  

Experts also remind us that nothing takes the place of your eyes. Pool fences and swim lessons are preventative but not fool-proof. They say to keep a close eye on children around water.

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