Apr 262011

PHOENIX – A 1-year-old boy is in very critical condition after being pulled from a Phoenix pool Tuesday afternoon.

Phoenix Fire Department spokeswoman Michelle Miller said fire crews responded to the area of Indian School Road and 59th Avenue for a report of a possible drowning.

Scott Walker with the Phoenix Fire Department said there were several people at the home when the boy somehow got out to the pool. Officials tell ABC15 it could have been anywhere from five to 15 minutes before he was discovered floating on the surface of the pool.

There are no secondary locks on the doors and no fence around the pool, according to Walker.

When fire crews responded to the scene, the boy was reportedly out of the water, but was not breathing.

“When we arrived, he had no pulse, he was blue in color. Basically his body was dead at that point,” Walker explained.

The boy was transported to St. Joseph’s Hospital where personnel were reportedly able to get a pulse. The child continues to be in very critical condition, however.

“The latest word I have is the child is in very serious condition,” said Walker. “The prognosis I have does not look good at this point. We are hoping for the best, but it’s a very serious situation.”

It is not clear how long he was in the water.

Area residents tell ABC15 they were saddened to hear their youngest neighbor is now fighting for his life.

“That hurts. It’s a baby, it’s a child,” said neighbor Barry Gomez. “The pool is something that you need to always watch, especially if you have children.”

There is an investigation to see what exactly happened.

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