Nov 152013

We’ve had 23 water-related accidents in Phoenix this year. Police and firefighters all around the valley want to bring that number down “モ including in Tempe.

They’re using the child’s point of view to demonstrate just how easy it is for them to fall into a pool.

The perspective we see in this public service announcement is very different from others. It’s that of a child, drowning. A very grim reminder to parents that eye to eye contact around water is the difference between life and death.

The video is dramatic, the struggle obvious. A young child fighting to stay afloat, battling for her last breath. She doesn’t stand a chance.

“It was really fast it looked like she struggled for a little bit and then that was it.”

Parents we showed the video to were awestruck by the severity of the message, and surprised by how quickly a drowning can happen even when adults are around.

“We came up with this concept of our camera man actually going underwater, being the child,” says Sue Taeffe, spokesperson for Tempe Fire.

Taeffe says the PSA is all about eye to eye supervisions — a reminder that vigilance — watching your kids around water is the only way to prevent a drowning.

“We were thinking about how quiet a drowning can be, you know, you can be inside, even outside, maybe on the other side of your yard and the next thing you know your child is in the pool.”

This staged video is a minute long, the same amount of time it can take a young child to drown. Whether it’s a pool, the bathtub or toilet, it can happen anywhere any time of year.

“Accidents happen everywhere and so that video is pretty intense.”
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