Dec 042019

An Arizona family mourned the deaths of two children swept away by floodwaters last week as dozens of people searched Monday for a 6-year-old girl who was still missing.

Nine people from the family, which founded several businesses and is active in their church, were riding in an oversized military-style truck that tried to cross an overflowing creek Friday.

It was blocked off with barricades and signs during a storm that dropped an estimated 2 inches of rain in the Tonto Basin area, about 50 miles northeast of Phoenix.

Authorities on Tuesday kept searching for 6-year-old Willa Rawlings, whose parents Daniel and Lacey Rawlings, escaped from the truck with four children. Her brother, Colby Rawlings, and cousin, Austin Rawlings, both 5, were found dead Saturday. The children were reportedly located separately about three miles downstream from the crash site.

Officials on scene said crews are searching a span of four to five miles along the creek for Willa.

Family members were able to confirm searchers have found articles of Willa’s clothing, including shoes and pants are searching an area of debris where she may be located.

Source: Search continues for 6-year-old swept away in waters

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