Apr 262011

Two toddlers were taken to the hospital Thursday evening after falling into their family’s backyard pool in separate incidents.

The first incident involved a 20-month-old girl submerged for about 10 seconds at a home in Tempe shortly after 7 p.m., according to a spokesman for the Tempe Fire Department. The parents quickly removed the child from the pool and called for help.

Emergency crews transported the toddler as a safety precaution to Banner Desert Medical Center for evaluation.

The second incident occurred about an hour later at a home in Scottsdale. A 1-year-old girl fell into a pool for about a minute before she was pulled out by her parents, according to Tiffani Nichols, spokeswoman for the Scottsdale Fire Department.

The Scottsdale toddler was responsive and crying when fire crews arrived a short time later. She was transported to the Scottsdale hospital on Shea Boulevard for evaluation.

Submerged toddlers in life-threatening condition are usually transported to Phoenix Children’s Hospital, Nichols said. Transportation to any other hospital, she added, is probably just a precautionary measure.

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