Sep 052011

We are dedicated to saving children this swim season with our Kristi’s Kids, News4 Lifesaver program. We are getting the word out about the A.B.C’s of swim safety.

We caught-up with one our News4 Lifesaver partner Rural/Metro Fire as they took the message to first graders at Ironwood Elementary.

“We’re here because we want to talk to you guys about being water safe.”

Anne Marie Braswell is with Rural/Metro Fire. She’s talking to first graders because, she says, this age group is so receptive.

“And they want to go home and share important information with their parents and their siblings.”

The information she wants them to share?

“The A.B.C.’s are adult supervision, barriers around any body of water, specifically pools. And classes. Specifically swim classes for our kids and CPR classes for adults.”

It’s important for Rural/Metro’s first responders to make an impact on these young kids.

“The worst call that any of our fire fighters can go on, is a pediatric drowning.”

So the kids are hearing about Stuey the duck. They’re filling out work sheets, to help them remember the A.B.C’S. They get to take a Stuey the duck visor home and they make a water safety pledge.

“We really want them to take ownership of their water safety,” says Braswell.

So are the first graders soaking it all up?

“That an adult should always be watching you and you should take classes and…and make sure there’s a fence around the pool,” says first-grader Lucas Martes.

And Isabella Ebert?

“A is for adult supervision. B is for a gate. And then C is for classes!”

First graders are receptive but all kids need to be taught and reminded. Remember, if you’re watching the kids, by the pool we have free water watcher whistles for you. Just swing by the station at 209 W. Elm St. to pick one up.

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