Nov 152013

A Valley family is in mourning after a teenager drowned saving her siblings.

“She got them out but couldn’t make it back,” said the victim’s older sister Valerie Leethip.

The tragic incident happened Friday, as Vaverlyn Dachbar was with her family for what was supposed to be a quick, fun trip to Lake Pleasant.

While out for a swim, Vaverlyn’s twin brother and sister waded in too deep and went under.

Vaverlyn, only an average swimmer, jumped in after them. She managed to save the twins, but couldn’t save herself.

Another man who was in the area tried to rescue Vaverlyn but couldn’t find her. A Maricopa County Sheriff’s dive team found her body later in the day.

Vaverlyn was a sophomore at Thunderbird High School. Her family says she was an avid reader who was already taking extra classes to graduate early.

She wanted to be a pediatrician one day to help children.

She was also very protective of her little brother and sister.

“Instead of rushing to find the adults, she went in after them because that’s what she does,” said sister Valerie.

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