Apr 262011

MESA, AZ – Firefighters and Cardon Children’s Medical Center need volunteers to pass out swimming safety information Saturday, April 30.

The event, “Walk for Water Safety,” aims to spread safety reminders to 60,000 homes in the Valley.

Volunteers will meet at specific fire stations and target different neighborhoods.

The information in the bags provides simple steps that can save a life, said Michelle Long, a swimming safety instructor at Mesa Fire Department.

Long points out Arizona ranks second in the nation when it comes to child drowning incidents.

Long reminds parents of three important points: Adult supervision, barriers by the pool, and classes.

“Anybody who is going to be around the water needs to know how to swim,” Long said.

Even if you know how to swim, invest in a Coast Guard approved life vest, which Long points out are inexpensive.

If you want to help distribute the water safety bags, click here for more information.

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