Mar 082011

MARICOPA, Ariz. – A 9-year-old boy is being called a hero after he saved a younger child from drowning in a community pool Monday night.

A 5-year-old boy was playing in a swimming pool, but his mom was distracted. Fortunately, someone else was watching, and when he saw the boy go under, 9-year-old Alessandre Presume sprang into action.

Alessandre jumped in and pulled the child out.

“I went down to check and I turned him over, his face was gray and his lips were blue, so I brought him up cause I knew something was wrong,” he says.

“I started screaming for help and another mother closer to us started the CPR on the little boy,” says Alessandre’s mom Antonia.

Bystanders reported the boy briefly lost consciousness while his mother took over CPR.

By the time the paramedics got to them, the boy was conscious and alert, and it’s all thanks to the quick acting 9-year-old and his mom Antonia.

“When he woke up I was relieved cause I knew he was gonna be ok,” says Alessandre.

“Just so grateful it turned out the way it did cause it could’ve easily gone the other way,” says Antonia.

The child was transported to an area hospital for further evaluation.

Alessandre now says he wants to be a lifeguard one day.

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