Mar 082011

This week, a Maryvale family received a life-saving gift: a pool fence, installed for free through the Adopt-a-Pool-Fence program.

It is the 700th pool fence installed, funded by the United Phoenix Firefighters Association and Valley of the Sun United Way program.

When the program began in 2003, the goal was 15 fences a summer, said Rich Bauer of the firefighters union. Now, qualifying families are getting a pool fence every other day.

Bauer said the program works.

In 2003, Maryvale had the ZIP code with the most drownings in the nation. By using aerial photographs, the program identified 55 homes without pool fences. Firefighters knocked on doors, handing out applications.

Fences have been installed in Maryvale, Gilbert, Tempe, Scottsdale and Surprise.

The homeowner must fill out the application and prove financial need and that a child 6 or younger lives in the home. Details: or 602-631-4843.

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