Mar 082011

MARICOPA, AZ – A 1-year-old girl was rushed to the hospital Thursday morning after being found floating in the tub at a Maricopa home.

Pinal County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Tim Gaffney said the infant was in the bathtub with a 23-month-old when the older child turned the water on.

According to Gaffney, the 1-year-old was floating in the water when her mother found her.

The woman reportedly began CPR and the girl was alert and breathing when crews arrived.

The infant’s mother told crews the girl had been left alone for approximately three to four minutes, according to a Maricopa Fire Department spokesperson.

Air15 video showed the girl being airlifted from the home around 11:30 a.m.

Officials said due to the estimated time of submergence the 1-year-old was flown to Phoenix Children’s Hospital for further evaluation.

The child’s current condition is unknown.

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