Pool Products


‘Tools’ help, but do not replace supervision

By Sue Doerfler
The Arizona Republic
June 6, 1998

Pool products, such as pool and gate alarms, may help preventdrownings, but they are merely tools, nothing else, said Phoenix Firedivision chief Bob Khan. These products should not be used in lieu ofsupervision, he said.

  • Check the products and their batteries continually to ensure they are working.

  • Pool motion alarms emit a piercing sound when someonefalls into the pool, or when the pressure of the water changes or whenmovement in the water is sensed.

  • Motion sensor alarms have an infared beam that sound off when someone passes through the beam.

  • Gate alarms, similar to burglar alarms, sound an alertwhen someone enters the pool area. Make sure these are above the reachof the child.

  • Door and window alarms, similar to gate alarms, make asound when the door or window is opened. Place these out of the reachof children.

  • Pool covers are designed primarily to keep debris outof the pool, but they can also be a safety device. As an alternative todoor alarms, they should be able to withstand the weight of two adultsand one child and meet other specifications, according to the U.S.Consumer Product Safety Commission.

  • Magnetic safety latches for doors are designed to prevent jarring, sticking and other mechanical resistance to door closings.

  • Removable pool fences are not designed to take theplace of permanent barriers, but can be used by people who do not havechildren but want some barrier when children visit. There are a varietyof types that are usually made of see-though mesh.

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